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Introducing the world’s most convenient way to enjoy all the benefits of Ancient Feng Fu Point Ice Therapy


1. Aches & Pain

Headaches, stress, hangovers, or simply a bad mood are experiences most of us can
relate to. For us, CoolCura™ is the best solution to applying Feng Fu Point Ice Therapy. Everyone deserves some “ME TIME,” but it is often easier said than done.

The CoolCura™ experience and its benefits can be accomplished in only 20 minutes, and you can do it almost anywhere. We invite you to treat yourself to the CoolCura™ experience!

Feng Fu Point Ice Therapy


2. Stress

cool cura
Stress is necessary for survival, but too much can be harmful. Emotional stress can impair the immune system and lead to high blood pressure, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, and even heart disease if it lasts for weeks or months. Too much epinephrine, in particular, can be damaging to your heart.
Try CoolCura™ for 20 minutes
each day to help reduce stress.


3. Sleep

Falling asleep has never come easily for me and has become more difficult as I have gotten older. I find it very difficult to let go of today’s problems and tomorrow’s worries, which invariably creates stress that interferes with a good night’s rest.

I have found that making CoolCura™ a part of my nighttime ritual prepares me mentally and physically for a better night’s sleep.

Feng Fu Point Ice Therapy

Relax and enjoy the restorative properties of ice and cold therapy with CoolCura™. An ancient tradition called “Feng Fu” applies ice to the back of the head at the Feng Fu point to help center the body and promote general wellness. Our CoolCura™ pairs this practice with modern convenience for a comfortable, easy-to-use neck band with a freezable/reusable stainless steel eco ice pod for daily use. The flexible band ensures a secure fit, making it perfect for anyone.

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