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CoolCura™ provides a comfortable, easy-to-use solution allowing you to sit back, relax, and let the cooling effect ease your mind, body, and soul.

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What is

Feng fu Ice Therapy

Feng Fu Ice Therapy is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. We all
have a Feng Fu point, which is found at the base of the skull, where it connects to the top of the neck. The Feng Fu point is one of the body’s key pressure points.

feng fu point
feng fu

CoolCura™ devices are carefully engineered to benefit from this proven Feng Fu ice therapy. The unique design eases pain without the mess of ice cubes and the cumbersome experience of trying to hold an ice cube on your neck, which is difficult and messy.

The Feng Fu point is one of the 400 pressure points in your body, connecting the brain with the rest of the body. The nerves in the area control the blood supply to several organs and the pituitary glands.

Feng Fu ice therapy is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, it uses our specially engineered reusable stainless steel ice pod. The coldness cools down inflammation and quickly and effectively delivers the desired results.


The creators

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The CoolCura™ journey began when Barbara was helping her oldest son Austin change his surgical dressing. Austin began to experience what some would describe as a panic attack. Barbara recalled that nurses had often placed ice on the back of her mother’s neck during her battle with terminal cancer; she tried the same technique on Austin. To their surprise, applying the ice to the back of Austin’s neck had an almost immediate calming effect. Curious about what happened, we did some research that ultimately led us to our discovery of Feng Fu Ice Therapy.

According to Ancient Medicine, applying ice to the Feng Fu spot was believed to offer numerous benefits. We began experimenting with applying ice to the back of our necks. Despite many positive effects, our overall enjoyment was dampened by melting ice dripping down the back of our necks and the need to hold or adjust the ice in the proper spot. In search of a solution to these drawbacks, we created the CoolCura™ line. We have enjoyed sharing the many benefits of Feng Fu Ice Therapy with our family and friends. We invite you to use our CoolCura™ products to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate

Brian Adams and Barbara Canellis;
CoolCura™ Co-Founders.

Dr. Stevens

Rejuvenating at work
with CoolCura™



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