We all want to find ways that we can increase our energy, enhance our quality of sleep and relieve the pain we feel in our bodies. We also want to reduce symptoms of certain diseases and feel good about ourselves from within. Have you ever wondered if there’s a secret that you could use to do these things?

Well, we know the secret.

It’s called Feng Fu acupuncture. It’s a very common Chinese acupuncture involving the placement of CoolCura™ Ice Therapy in a specific position on the back of your neck for 20 minutes. The Feng Fu point is a pressure point found at the base of the skull. Just at the bottom of the skull cap at the top of the neck, stimulating this point with the CoolCura™ Ice Therapy kit once or twice today gives you that boost in your overall health and well-being. Plus, you will feel fantastic.

Benefits of Feng Fu Ice Therapy Acupuncture

Experts have reported many benefits to this type of acupuncture. According to traditional medicine, this is a therapy that can make your entire body feel rejuvenated. It helps to bring it back to his natural physiological balance which is unbelievably cool. When you place CoolCura™ Ice Therapy on the Feng Fu point, it can benefit you in the following ways.

  • Reduce headaches, joint pain, and toothache
  • Manage neurological disorders and spinal degeneration
  • Manage thyroid disorders
  • Reduce and eliminate the effects of a cold
  • Improve your overall cardiovascular system
  • Manage obesity, malnutrition, and gastrointestinal tract
  • Manage stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and depression
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Reduce the symptoms of arthritis, hypertension, and hypotension
  • Manage impotence, infertility, and menstrual disorders
  • And much, much more!

This is just a short list of the excellent benefits of this amazing Feng Fu acupuncture, and knowing how to find the right way to do this is important.

How to use CoolCura™ GO & Feng Fu Ice Therapy

  • 1. Remove all packaging
  • 2. Place the stainless steel ice pod into the soft foam ice pod nest.
  • 3. Place ice pod and ice pod nest into the freezer until frozen.
  • 4. Once the ice pod is frozen, remove it from the ice pod nest and insert it into the adjustable neck band pocket.
  • 5. The pocket can be found in the top center inner lining of the neckband
  • 6. Place the neckband on your neck and adjust by pulling left and right sides for best fit
  • 7. For best results the ice pod should be aligned with your Feng Fu point, which is found just below the skull cap on the top of the neck.
  • 8. Use for 15 to 20 minutes twice per day.
  • Enjoy!

If you want to read about the maximum benefits, a professional Feng Fu Ice Therapy acupuncturist recommends doing this treatment twice a day when you wake up and before you go to bed. You’re going to feel it when you first apply the CoolCura™ Ice Therapy, and it might be uncomfortable at first, but in a minute the heat of your body should go straight to that Feng Fu point. The release of endorphins into your bloodstream by putting something cold at this point may be a euphoric experience for you, and this will help you to come back to it time and again.

To be able to improve your sleep and your general quality of life, try Feng Fu Ice Therapy with CoolCura™.